Multi-part WORKSHOP SERIES on the topic of celestial directions.

With “Weather Reports from the Regions” (2018), a model project was realized in which participants* from the six pro mente OÖ regions gained experience with new artistic-creative methods and worked together across regional borders.  The process, which lasted several months, culminated in results that were presented in a joint exhibition in the KunstRaum Goethestrasse xtd at the end of July 2018, and since October 2018 have been on display at the Stand Up location of pro mente OÖ in Steyr (Schaftgasse 2) and in the offices of Provincial Councillor for Social Affairs and Communities Birgit Gerstorfer, Linz (Altstadt 30). The exhibition will continue to travel, the results are convincing, a brochure to share is ready for you. As a continuing project, work will be done in 2019 on the theme of cardinal directions:

With cardinal directions we associate…..Sun, Moon and Stars …. North, East, South, West…. voyages of discovery to the North Pole and South Pole…. Circumnavigations and desert crossings….  Hiking in nature like strolling in the city …. South-facing slopes and west-facing slopes… compass and navigation devices – where does the sun rise?