The KunstRaum initiates its own projects in cooperation with project partners, participants of pro mente Oberösterreich, city residents and (internationally active) artists. The results of these processes, which usually consist of several parts, are presented to the public by the KunstRaum team, supported by exhibition designers, and shown in the showroom.
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City of Respect

In 2008, KunstRaum Goethestrasse xtd developed the vision of the City of Respect. The aim is to create a place where everyone can create and make a difference. In this way, a social, cultural and individual development process towards the City of Respect is to be set in motion. The diverse results of these discussions can be seen in public spaces, realised in various actions such as “tattoo yourself” and are constantly being further developed with participants.
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Artistic designs

Artistic designs are a speciality of KunstRaum. The designs of indoor and outdoor spaces allow stories to be told, engaging atmospheres to be created and visions and missions of organisations to be conveyed. Since 2011, KunstRaum Goethestrasse xtd has conceived and realised numerous design works outside its own exhibition space in public, professional and private premises on commission together with artists and participants of pro mente OÖ.
The publication “We can do something here. Dimensions of creativity and design from KunstRaum Goethestrasse xtd” (2019) shows a selection of 29 artistic designs. We will gladly send you the catalogue.
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Communication offers

The KunstRaum offers on-site and mobile space for creativity, engaging in an artistic process, crafts, experiencing art, becoming active and trying out writing, music and visual arts, and undertaking joint activities such as visiting exhibitions and travelling. The free participation in projects is open to interested people and to people with psychosocial support needs.
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Projects that are created in the KunstRaum like to develop further, find new forms and materialities, find possible applications and recipients. Thus the products, which are created in very small editions and with the best possible quality, are also “things” that are made for their use with many stories attached. These products can be purchased in the KunstRaum.
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