Cardinal Directions

Cardinal directions enable orientation, provide directions and establish points of reference to locate oneself in the world.

In this multi-part workshop series from March to July 2019, participants of pro mente Upper Austria from all six Upper Austrian regions were invited to expeditions along the cardinal points.

The expeditions led from reality to fantasy and back to reality again, to selected places in the respective regions.

Drawings, models, narratives, photos and videos show the process and the results, the interpretations, of the expeditions of the actors.

A project in cooperation with participants from pro mente OÖ locations from the Innviertel, central region Linz, Mühlviertel, Pyhrn- Eisenwurzen, Salzkammergut/Traunviertel, central region Wels and the KunstRaum Goethestrasse xtd.

Duration of the exhibition: September 13 to December 3, 2019.

Thanks to the regional managers, team managers, employees of pro mente Upper Austria and to all project participants!

With a big APPLAUSE for all project participants the exhibition HIMMELSRICHTUNGEN was opened on Thursday . 12.9. in the KunstRaum with words of Mag. Barbara Gschwandtner, personnel manager and Mag.Michaela Keita-Kornfehl, department of quality management of pro mente OÖ.

The “exhibition opening at lunchtime invited to a subsequent cozy get-together with food and drinks of the initiative “Über den Tellerrand”.

Congratulations to Beate Adam for the Humanity Medal of the City of Linz!!!

In the exhibition you can see EXPEDITIONS along the HEAVENLY DIRECTIONS as INCREMENTS in front of the camera.

Photos: Petra Moser, Reinhar Winkler

Project participants from the Traunviertel/Salzkammergut region; Photo: Petra Moser

Projekt Zentralraum Wels, Foto Petra Moser

Projektbeteiligte Zentralraum Linz,

Foto: Reinhard Winkler

Projektbeteiligte Region Innviertel. Foto: Petra Moser

Projektbeteiligte Region Pyhrn – Eisenwurzen, Foto: Reinhard Winkler

Projektbeteiligte Region Mühlviertel