Thanks to all those involved in the project!

A cooperation of pro mente OÖ in the Pyhrn-Eisenwurzen region, Steyr/Kirchdorf and the KunstRaum Goethestrasse xtd.

Photo: Reinhard Winkler

Idea/implementation: Susanne Blaimschein, Beate Rathmayr, Thomas Kluckner

Collecting rainwater – Rainwater nourishes – City of Respect 2022

As part of the project series “City of Respect. We build on solidarity!” project series, the second action “Rainwater nourishes!” took place in Steyr on 27 April. It was carried out jointly by KunstRaum Goethestrasse xtd and participants from the Pyhrn-Eisenwurzen, Steyr and Kirchdorf regions.

Rainwater was collected for a month in two ways. On the one hand, all project participants collected rainwater individually – under the gutter outside in the garden, or standing in the rain. Secondly, yellow water collection containers were distributed along a heart-shaped route through Steyr.

The joint collection in the urban space of Steyr and the gathering of the rainwater brought by the project participants drew our attention and appreciation to water as a precious and essential food for life and nature, especially in the city of Steyr.

The guiding question of the action “What do we need every day and will be important in the future?” has shaped the discussion through action and texts and the city of respect has been complemented by water.

We would like to thank all those involved in the project!

The next action “Designing hearts – building arches” will take place on 27 May 27th 2022, from 9.00 a.m. – 1.00 p.m. Meeting place: Psychosocial meeting place (former Clubhouse) Steyr.

Collecting rainwater

ACTION DAY, April 29th 2022 

A sunny day. No rain far and wide. The project participants meet at the PST /Clubhaus Steyr. Lovingly prepared finger food by Judith Eickhoff awaits the project participants, as well as a photo/video review of the joint project start.

Collection point

Jars, plastic bottles, jerry cans and glass bottles in which the project participants have brought their rainwater collected at home are labelled with their name and location and collected at a rainwater collection point in the courtyard. Filtered rainwater is seen next to murky water. Stories of rainwater collection are told.

Heart Tour

Along a route laid out over the city of Steyr, encompassing the city in a heart shape, buckets were placed by the project team.

Together along the heart route 

We explore the places along the Heart Route to collect the rainwater collected there together.

The group, recognisable by a backpack, wanders through the city with buckets, funnels, ladders, looking for trees, railings or flowerbeds where the buckets have been placed by the project team.

Memories and associations    

Back in the clubhouse, there is an invitation to write. What nourishes my heart? What is love, which was formulated here by many of the project participants as the most important thing?  What were your best experiences with rain? A wealth of memories and meanings were formulated via cards by the project participants.

The flyers and postcards were produced by Druckwerkstatt Steyr.

Setting flowers for the home

The rainwater continues to accompany us. Flowers were planted for this purpose, which the participants will take home with them. The rainwater from the rain barrel of the PST/Clubhaus Steyr is passed on.

Collected and preserved

We are proud! A few litres of water have been collected. We know the importance of rainwater. Water from each spring was collected in vials and stored. The rest of the water will be brought back to the city of Steyr, to nature and to the people in a different aggregate state during the final event on 27 July.

Strengthening oneself

Thanks to Andreas Führlinger for the delicious meal, colour-coordinated with the City of Respect action series, which was prepared for all project participants to fortify themselves after four hours of collecting rainwater, exchanging ideas, exploring the urban space and delving into the theme of shared togetherness.

Joint conclusion 

We grow in the rain too!

THANK YOU to all those involved in the project!

The yellow heart and the city of respect basically was extended by the (rain) water.

The next action “Designing hearts – building arches” will take place on May 27th 2022,
from 9.00 a.m. – 1.00 p.m. Meeting place: Psychosocial meeting place (former clubhouse) Steyr.

The results of the action series will be presented in October 2022 at KunstRaum Goethestrasse xtd. “City of Respect. We build on cohesion” is an initiative of pro mente Upper Austria, initiated by KunstRaum Goethestrasse xtd.

Preparations before the action – intermediate action

How and where can rainwater be collected? What happens when it does not rain?
The rainwater was collected by the project participants, participants of pro mente OÖ from the Pyhrn-Eisenwurzen region, in various ways – in small containers on the window sill, in rain barrels in the garden and by catching raindrops in the rain – and by means of a rain dance they tried to coax more rain out of the sky. What if the neighbours repurpose the rainwater bucket as a planter? What if the wind knocks the container over? Halfway through the rainwater season, visits were made to some of the project participants who told their stories at their homes – at pro mente Upper Austria locations. The places of collection and the gathering of the water were recorded by means of photos and videos.

The heart to be nurtured as a motif for the initiative in Steyr is thus brought into the city and connected with water.