FRAMED – Lotte Schreiber / Siegfried A. Fruhauf

In the context of moving images, FRAME refers to the single image that rushes before our eyes in a fraction of a second. This smallest cinematic unit seems to be a good common starting point for two artistic positions that both move in the environment of the running image. But things are not quite that simple. Bringing together the intentions of Lotte Schreiber and Siegfried A. Fruhauf seeks to explore a nuanced approach. The title of the exhibition therefore has one letter more and is FRAMED. The doing until something is framed, finds its frame, is just decisive. Thus, the exhibition title is a reference to the fact that there is a common framework, but the process of how something is aligned with this framework is what allows the different approaches to interact. The result is not a making-off of the filmic work, but a dynamic of independent artworks.

What does the personal framework look like that one has set up in one’s artistic work, what section of the world does one set one’s sights on? That is the connecting question, which stood with the selection of the works to the side and with which one tries in a juxtaposition to set the complementary like separating of both position into a field of tension.

With my artistic work I try to approach the essence of reality by breaking it down into small subjective units and putting them together to form a world that resembles the first one, but does not want to copy it, but to make it visible. [Lotte Schreiber]

As an artist and filmmaker, I am concerned with the dissection of the world into its individual parts, a blowing up of the known framework, in order to then find a new form for the light from the fragments. [Siegfried A. Fruhauf]