One hour on the boat and it felt like a short vacation!

Linz on the Danube! How wonderful to see it from the ship. But where, please, can I find the Pöstlingberg, which otherwise gives us our orientation? Not only the view of Linz was sharpened, there were also the impressive murals of the port gallery, the containers, cranes, cold stores and ships in the port basins as well as the landscape along the Danube to discover. In beautiful weather, 40 people (and there were even more registered) of the KunstRaum Community from pro mente OÖ, mostly from Linz and also specially arrived from Enns. Discovering, experiencing and exchanging art and culture together is of great concern to all participants.

“Next time, same station – keep it up! Thank you!”

“As we drove along the quay walls, new and daring versions of Murals appeared to us.

“Imitative beautiful, the mural of Shed on which a sprayer (he) kisses a policeman.

“And then to go out on the Danube – it was just beautiful! “

“The difference between graffiti and murals, the different styles of the sprayers, the development of the murals, all that Mr. Hagenauer told us was very exciting and I remember it very well.

The participants* of the harbour tour of KunstRaum Goethestrasse xtd Community thank LINZ AG for the harbour tour.

Our special thanks go to the captain and crew of the MS Eduard, Mr. Hagenauer for his company and information about the Mural Harbor Gallery, the ships and the port from LINZ AG HAFEN and Mr. Bergmair and his team from LINZ AG. According to the way Covid – 19 was treated, the group was divided, two trips took place, also for this a special thank you! An action of the Marktplatz Lebensnetze 2019 .

We will tell others ! We are thrilled!