AuftraggeberIn: Büro Landesrätin Gerstorfer
Jahr: 2017 – 2019
Ort: Büro Landesrätin Birgt Gerstorfer, Linz
Format/Technik: Gestaltung Wartebereich und Gang; Diasec-Grafik; Ausstellung: Fotografien, Video;
Material: Druck auf Acrylglas, Video, Plott, Fotodruck auf Leuchtkästen und Schaumstoffplatten


The office of the Upper Austrian State Councilor Birgit Gerstorfer invited KunstRaum Goethestrasse xtd to
showcase itself on its premises, under the title Art Opens Up Spaces. The entrance area was made available
to be used as an exhibition space. The idea is to enable aesthetic experiences for visitors and staff, making
the relevance and impact of current contemporary art more visible. In order to tangibly open up the space,
KunstRaum Goethestrasse xtd designed the area to clarify insights into our processes, enabling the dimensions of the different locations and occasions to be more easily experienced and understood. People waiting in
the rooms are surrounded and invited into the opened spaces by the positioning of the artworks in the areas
around them.
The presentation of KunstRaum Goethestrasse xtd’s work consists of an interplay between commissioned
pieces, permanently existing artistic elements, and temporary exhibitions of different project outcomes. The
changing presentations in the space reflect the diversity of the projects and enable changes in the atmosphere of
the space, thereby opening up new spaces.
The collaboration was started with the permanent design piece Nester (EN: Nests). A three-part, graphic work of
the KunstRaum Goethestrasse xtd was created for the offices, corridors and waiting area. A series of animated
nests can be seen, which are inhabited by people, animals and things in a tight space. The abundance of different
of different nests forms an imaginative, multifaceted whole on the screens.
In addition, the projects If I Were A Dancer (2016) and Es reicht nicht ein Statement zu haben (EN: It is not enough to
have a Statement) (2014 ff) were temporarily displayed as photo documentations. This was followed by photographs and videos of the exhibition Wetterberichte aus den Regionen (EN: Weather Reports from the Regions)
For KunstRaum Goethestrasse xtd this experience is enriching, as it offers a new environment to present our
own projects and concepts. Through this exhibition, a new level of exposure can be achieved and new groups of
recipients can be reached.