Thanks to all those involved in the project!
A cooperation of pro mente OÖ in the Pyhrn-Eisenwurzen region, Steyr/Kirchdorf and the KunstRaum Goethestrasse xtd.

Photos: Reinhard Winkler

Idea/implementation: Susanne Blaimschein, Beate Rathmayr, Thomas Kluckner

City of Respect builds on insight! WINDOW CLEANING for more insight, transparency and clarity

For a city of respect, for our future, insight is needed. Insight for the differences and particularities of people and the environment. And it needs more love. With a clear view of this, through the cleaned windows, an important concern of the project participants was realised in a fun, artistic-creative form.

During this action, we were accompanied by the questions: How do you really get a window clean? How do you see if it is really dirty?  When do you clean the windows? Why do I need a window?

WE ASK FOR YOUR WINDOW SPACE! (Outside and on the ground floor)

In order to find windows for the cleaning campaign, we turned to the residents of the houses on the Tabor. We were able to win over the newly occupied pro mente Upper Austria residence and the Volkshilfe Upper Austria residence as partners. In order to involve other residents as well, invitations were distributed to the residents of the houses in the large residential area on the Tabor, going from door to door. We met with open doors! Another project partner was convoy, a service offered by pro mente Upper Austria.

Action day

The project participants met on Friday, June 24th 2022, in the atrium Steyr, fortified themselves at the buffet (thanks to Judith Eickhoff and the team from the atrium) and got in the mood with a photo and video presentation of the last joint “City of Respect” action.

 “Dry” training for cleaning windows:

Squeegee, cloth, paper, water, transparent cleaner, washing-up liquid,… There are many ways to clean a window. Beforehand, professional window cleaners were consulted and information was gathered and shared with the whole group on site.

In a “dry run” at the window of the atrium, Kathrin Gusenbauer demonstrated the individual steps and handed out instructions to each one!

Cleaning Squad “City of Respect”

Equipped with caps to protect them from the sun and a backpack with a packed lunch and drinks as well as the cleaning materials, buckets, cleaning agents, gloves and squeegees, we went together to the Tabor. Our destination was the residential building of pro mente Upper Austria, the residential building of Volkshilfe Upper Austria and two flats of private persons at the Tabor to clean their windows.

A warm welcome!

We were motivated and mastered the tasks! We were warmly welcomed in all places.

A special moment were the Post-Its with smileys on the window, which greeted us before work and put us in a good mood! The resident, the private window giver, thought of us in advance, we were very happy about that! At the end, this cleaning team also received drinks and sweets for refreshment! Thank you!

Mission accomplished? What do you see now when you look outside?

Divided into small groups, we went to work. It was important that the clients were involved in that they observed and controlled our work and were satisfied with the result at the end.

“Yes, now it’s good, now I look outside again to all the others and all the possibilities.”
(Window giver, Clubhouse)

“You did very well. And I noticed that maybe it’s not always as grey outside as I often think.”
(Private window donor)

On we go

After the work at the Tabor was done, we went to the convoy window on Bahnhofsstraße to ensure more insight there as well.

Well equipped with extensions for the window squeegees, we were also able to manage this task well.

A photo together at the end.

“We build on solidarity”. This attitude ensured that the organisers, facilitators and participants of the action “We build on insight. Cleaning windows for a city of respect” on June 24th created a cheerful mood among all those involved in the project. The loving preparation conveyed appreciation for the “cleaning squads” and their commitment to “insight” and “see-through”. The cleaning skills of “my troop” commanded my respect. The image of our good-humoured, yellow “sheltered” group wandering through Steyr made one think, not least, of the brutal time pressure in the cleaning trade. This project day set a nice example for the importance of community and cleaning work.”
(Getraud Sobotka)