Thanks to all those involved in the project!

A cooperation of pro mente OÖ in the Pyhrn-Eisenwurzen region, Steyr/Kirchdorf and the KunstRaum Goethestrasse xtd.

Photo: Petra Moser

Video: Julian Pöschl/

Idea/implementation: Susanne Blaimschein, Beate Rathmayr, Thomas Kluckner

Designing hearts and building arches – City of Respect 2022

The participants of the action series “City of Respect. We build on solidarity!”, experienced and new, met at the PST/Clubhaus Steyr on May 27th for two design workshops. By doing, designing and creating things together, by dealing with designs, shapes and colours, another building block was laid for the City of Respect.

“The special thing about cohesion is that everyone has different ideas and opinions and yet there is and is commonality.” (Project participant city of respect)

Design and creation workshops for “City of Respect. We build on solidarity!” at PST Steyr

The big heart is nourished!

The City of Respect logo expands with every action!

“Heart, colour, painting, inspiration, imagination, being creative, sun, colourful pens, working together, having fun, love” were, as the project participants put it, the ingredients of the two workshops.

With fingerfood delicacies by Judith Eickhoff and a presentation of photos and videos of the action “Collecting rainwater – rainwater nourishes”, Action 4 started.

The (big) heart is the symbol and logo of the action series and was the starting point for the workshop “Designing Hearts”.

Designing T-shirts

The participants were invited to create designs for a T-shirt in which “their” messages on “City of Respect. We build on solidarity!” translated into colours and shapes.

Finally, all the T-shirt designs were collected and presented in the room. Each participant chose their three favourite designs from the entire collection. The further work on the T-shirts, in order to pass them on as message carriers to the project participants and interested parties, will take place in the KunstRaum Goethestrasse xtd.

Building arches

For the City of Respect in Steyr, we are also building for real. According to the participants’ idea, we need an object in public space that refers to the fact that we are all concerned about the climate and the protection of species. Therefore, an arch several metres high will be formed out of cardboard.

In the workshop, the model of the archway was presented in the first step. The archway is composed of 200 individual elements that are inserted into each other.

In the inner courtyard in summery temperatures, large-scale painting and generous use of paint through protective clothing was on the agenda to create the individual cardboard elements of the archway. Many hands have worked on this so far.

“What does cohesion feel like to you? In order to keep the themes of the City of Respect in mind, to deepen them and to be able to talk about them, a concluding “writing” round, guided by questions, was carried out, as in all previous actions.

“Together we are never alone and together we are strong. (quote from a project participant). Strengthened after a joint meal.

Next action: WE BUILD ON SIGHT. Window cleaning action for a city of respect. Friday, June 24th, 9 a.m. – 1 p.m., meeting point: atrium Bio Cafe Restaurant Steyr.

For a city of respect, for our future, insight is needed. Insight for the differences and particularities of people and the environment. And it needs more love. With a clear view of this, through the cleaned windows, an important concern of those involved in the project is realised in a pleasurable, artistic-creative form.