Commissioned by: Lonstorferplatz Vermögensverwaltung GmbH
Year: 2018
Location: Lonstorferplatz, Linz
Format/Technique: Design of the „Pavillon“; graphics, text; photo documentation
Material: Foil prints


As a valuable action for individuals and local communities, public spaces can be used as a place to communicate with people through art, to make them think and act through messages, or simply to shed light on the
moment. With statements that are tangible for people, KunstRaum Goethestrasse xtd works in different
areas in public as well as in private spaces. In the sense of the basic idea of the City of Respect, public space
is often about strong statements and demands that address self-reflection and an open, respectful interaction with others.
These strong statements can introduce and create new sentiments and feelings, especially in places that
are not easily accessible and that receive little attention. This allows anchors to be set in difficult places, in
order to bring colour to these places and thus change the social atmosphere on site. Set in places which most
people only pass by while moving on foot or by car, bus or bicycle, these anchors stimulate and support discussions about social interaction. People passing by are offered invitations that attract their attention through
graphic presentation and are asked questions that encourage discussion.
At Lonstorferplatz in Linz, the entrance to the underground car park, or „pavilion“, was therefore upgraded
with some colour and an interesting textual exterior design. This much frequented place has thus been given
the new function of becoming an advertising platform for respect. Through the graphic elements applied with
foil printing, respect has become a distinctive element of the space.