SKINNING. AN ARCHIVE David Wittinghofer

July 23rd 2021 to August 13th 2021 Showroom of the KunstRaum Goethestrasse xtd

The focus of “Häutungen. An Archive” is centred on several hundred patterns from the Winkler tailor’s shop, where made-to-measure clothing was produced between 1962 and 2003. The disclosure, re-staging and completion of this archive raised questions about, for example, measured bodies and individual clothing, absent persons and artefacts left behind, disappearing handicrafts and family heritage. With “SKINNING. AN ARCHIVE”, David Wittinghofer kicked off a longer-term artistic exploration.

David Wittinghofer studied at the University of Art in Linz and is primarily concerned with the question of what it actually means to make art or to be an artist. He pays particular attention to the role and presence of the human body.