SOFT COLLAPSE. Essays on new, missing and decaying bridges – ANNE BRANNYS.


Duration of the exhibition: 10/16 – 12/3/2019.

Memory is not lost. Memory is indelible. But the path of memory is lost, the synapse whose power varies – from 0 to I like probability. (P. Valéry)

In Linz, only a few bridges connect the city districts on this side and the other side of the Danube. Additional new bridges are therefore currently being planned to relieve the existing bridges that are overburdened by traffic flows. Bridges as connecting elements are indispensable for the functionality of our outer as well as inner architectural complexes. They establish contact between fragments and are thus elementary for communication and interaction. As the basis of our thought processes, we only become aware of the bridges between our nerve cells when they are damaged, our brain substance degenerates as a result and we lose ourselves. The experimental set-up “Soft Collapse” thematizes the connecting line of the bridge and itself attempts a bridge-building in order to put the associations alluded to here in relation to each other.

Anne Brannys (*1983) lives and works in Berlin. She studied fine art at the Bauhaus University in Weimar and philosophy at the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena, and completed her Ph.D. in fine art/design in Weimar with the artistic-scientific dissertation “An Encyclopedia of Delicacy.” She has been recognized for her work at the intersection of art and science through numerous grants and awards.


This presentation is the fourth in a series of artist positions.  “And One and Two and Three and Four” features selected works by four internationally active artists Anne Brannys (D), Amanda Dunsmore (IR), Michael Goldgruber (A) and Josef Ramaseder (A). Throughout the period from August to October 2019, an “archive” also invites visitors to explore further works by the artists.