Commissioned by: pro mente Reha GmbH
Year: 2019
Location: Tech Gate Wien
Format/Technique: Contribution to the Conference(5); intervention, video; photo and video documentation
Material: Performance, textiles, video, print material
Participants: Performers, the inclusive community of KunstRaum Goethestrasse xtd, supported by experts
in cheerleading und music
Thanks for the Poms: Danube Dragons Cheerleaders, President Petra Gruber, Wolfgang Ressi, CEO of the first Austrian shop for
Thanks for the music: Selbstlaut aka Christopher Hütmannsberger, Patty, Alex the Flipper, Monsterliebe, Mieze Medusea & Tenderboy, Spoileralarm, Def Ill, Orange, Mosch, Erratica, Symtoms, Dot, Freedom, Mirac.


KunstRaum Goethestrasse xtd addresses challenges through projects. These projects are specifically initiated both at social interfaces and as collaborations between people from different backgrounds. Challenges
arise that can lead to growth, drawing on inspiration and ideas from the arts and disciplines like sports, academics and different social fields. In these diverse groups, everyone can contribute a piece of themselves while
becoming involved in something new and growing together to form a “we”. The results have an impact on the
participants’ everyday lives – strengthening confidence in oneself and in artistic processes, but also reaching,
irritating, inspiring and motivating audiences. Lasting memories are created, common goals are tackled and
cohesion is generated.
In September 2019, pro mente Reha organized a conference addressing the future of medical-psychiatric
rehabilitation, dealing with a challenging topic that can and should be supported in an artistic way. Between
the more technical conference inputs and also as part of the evening’s conclusion, an artistic contribution
was provided with the aim of mirroring these ideas as starting points for and through performances and
contextual reflection. In addition to experts from the conference providing input, cheerleaders – the embodiment of cheering and motivation – and musicians were involved in the development of the performance. The
performances were based on contributions from the participants and developed over the course of several
workshops including elements of cheerleading, acrobatics and word raps.
The competences and abilities of each individual were essential for the team to work together for the
big picture. Only a few of the participants knew each other at the beginning of the process, but they were
connected by the KunstRaum as colleagues, as artists, and as participants. By the end of the process, „The
Cheers“ had been formed! The next day, the conference visitors continued exploring their experience through
intensive discussion, reflection and interpretation of what they had experienced.