Photo: Otto Saxinger

Artist Talk Pictures We Can Make Now

Before the summer break, immerse yourself once again in many stories that were created as part of the project “Pictures we can make now”!

The exhibition will be open on July 22nd 2022 from 14:00 to 20:00. This day also offers the opportunity to exchange with participants of the project.

What can happen when you take words and images and make them into something of your own? A multitude of stories become visible, a multitude of perspectives open up, a special kind of collaboration shows its results.

The exhibition also wants to be an inspiration and incentive for those interested to take part in the next KunstRaum project.

“Material and instructions provide the scope. A haptic and visual experience of pleasure. I am amazed to discover themes that have been sleeping inside me and have worked their way to the surface through doing. Words, idiosyncratically placed, gain meaning.”

Photo: Reinhard Winkler

“I was surprised that something so beautiful came out of so much snippets and clutter in my head.”

Photo: Reinhard Winkler

“I was inspired by the whole situation. The reading, the choosing, the revising. Working on it was great. What surprised me at the end was what came out and how it looked. How much it turned out and that it looks beautiful and interesting.”

Photo: Reinhard Winkler

“I was inspired to explore tools and techniques to overwrite traditional thought patterns, to make them invisible(er) without completely erasing them.”

Photo: Reinhard Winkler

“I was surprised at what the other participants did with the material. Everything was actually new for me. I have never done anything like this before.”