Thanks to all those involved in the project!
A cooperation of pro mente OÖ in the Pyhrn-Eisenwurzen region, Steyr/Kirchdorf and the KunstRaum Goethestrasse xtd.

Photos: Petra Moser

Video: Beate Rathmayr

Idea/implementation: Susanne Blaimschein, Beate Rathmayr, Thomas Kluckner

Project team: KunstRaum Goethestrasse xtd


The title says it all. On Friday, July 29th, the fifth and, for the time being, last event of “City of Respect. We build on solidarity!” took place in the public space of Steyr as a cooperation of pro mente OÖ locations in Steyr and Kirchdorf with the KunstRaum Goethestrasse xtd. A remarkable, special morning for and with all those involved in the project, who once again actively continued to build THEIR city of respect with artistic actions!

The initiative enables us all to see what is special and particular about the residents and in the city of Steyr. The Extraordinary Citizenship for a City of Respect in Steyr was handed over to the project participants and the desire to continue this initiative lives on!

Right in the heart of Steyr

At the end of the project, the Handel-Mazzetti Promenade was used as a public space. Based on the concern of the project participants to create public places for meeting in Steyr, spontaneously and with friends, this place was chosen because the castle park in particular is a favourite place of many.

Do you remember the heart route that was laid across the city when collecting rainwater? The Handel-Mazzetti promenade is located in the middle of this heart. Thanks to the city of Steyr for the opportunity. Everything was made visible!

We wear our message!

Our own symbol for Steyr – the big yellow heart – can be seen on T-shirts of all sizes. We carry our message and show our concern, colourful, beautifully designed. Our big heart is nourished!

We show our topics and actions!

Participation has been central to this initiative from the beginning. The “building blocks” for a city of respect, which took place as actions from March to June 2022, have the themes of encounter and movement, love and insight, light and the future, dealing with animals, nature and its resources at their centre. Along stations, the individual actions were taken up again to continue working on them and to experience them in their entirety.

Rain as ice back into nature!

An iceberg in the middle of the park. Frozen ice from the water of the rainwater collection campaign of April 2022 is returned to nature. Thanks to Harry Kampleitner from ATZ Seidlbräu for the opportunity and help to make ice blocks out of 180 litres of water from Steyr! This was energetically chopped into small pieces that melted in the sun. Attractive for young and old!

We set a sign!

Individual cardboard elements formed the starting point for the landmark of City of Respect Steyr. The triumphal arch was built and opened together. The sign for the future, nature and our environment became visible, even if only for a short time.

“One thing I couldn’t have imagined was how it would turn out. But what we did today looks really good. I particularly liked the teamwork, everyone has everything. Everyone painted the elements and today the triumphal arch was assembled together.” 

The memories and experiences of this cooperation carry us all forward!

Working together on this City of Respect was characterised by trust, a willingness to embrace new things, a lot of fun and the creation of new relationships. The moments of happiness and pride in having achieved everything are visible and tangible on this day.

We’ve got the perspective!

Eine überdimensionale Fensterscheibe, rahmenlos, mitten im Park! Wir haben in die Welt geschaut!

“I learned something from cleaning the windows. I didn’t do the frame before!”


A look back at the actions so far!

Portraits and special memories

To commemorate the special moments, every single person involved in the project was invited for a portrait with photo and audio.

“We have different projects: So far it’s been balloon launching, rainwater, T-shirt designing, window cleaning. What did that do to me? It was good that you can do something with the others. You do things together. I take away that you can do something with each other. People like each other in the process.”

Award of the “Extraordinary City Citizenship for a City of Respect in Steyr”.

On a small stage specially set up for the occasion, the certificate for Extraordinary City Citizenship was handed over by Sonja Neuwirth and the project participants were asked to speak.

Musical accompaniment

Mrs. Licht and Mr. Bart played their way into the hearts of everyone involved in the project and brought us songs on the themes of the stations and cohesion.

City of Respect is a living project that should be carried on – in Steyr and also in other regions and cities!